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 Rhythm Travellers
Contemporary Blues and Roots music at its best

email: Bob@Rhythmtravellers.com Tel: 01485 520650
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Oct 2021: We have been out and played a few times. Great Gig at the Swanage Bay View at part of the Swanage Blues Festival. We played as Julie and The Florin!! That is Julie and Bob with Bob Hokum! You have to be of a certain age to understand that :-)  

Today it feels like a new era, a new time
a new opportunity. Julie and I have decided that going forward we will no longer perform with the name The Baroness and The Bear. Going forward we will always be Rhythm Travellers. The name fits the way we are, not centric around any individual. But, aspiring to create a rhythm to our lives.

 July 2021:  Hi all Bob is out of Hospital. 4 Stents heavier!  His return Gig will be at Barsham Brewey on Aug 6th at 5:00 pm

Current Rhythm Travellers Line Up includes:
Sarah O'Neil on Fiddle
John William on Acoustic guitar
and the ever faithful Lee LeCornu on drums and percussion
The occasional Bad Boy Borley on drums and percussion.