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 Rhythm Travellers
Contemporary Blues and Roots music at its best

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Originally formed in 2013 as the The Baroness and the Bear - consisting of Julie and Bob.  Julie and Bob still  play as a duo, But they are regularly joined by fellow friends and musicians to become Rhythm Travellers.

Rhythm TravellersAre seasoned and experienced musicians, who play for the pleasure and passion of the music we love. We are varied, innovative, and play a wide range of styles and musical instruments. Playing contemporary electro acoustic music Influenced by styles from Folk to Classic blues;
Lil Green, Rhiannon Giddens, Jollie Holland, Brooks Williams Tom Waites, Madelaine Peyroux and Eric Bibb, some jazzy turns and our own original material written by Julie.

Over the past 5 years, we have played at venues of varying sizes including National festivals at Swanage, Reading, Norwich and London, plus local festivals throughout East Anglia. We have headlined the Strumpshaw Tree Festival and played highly acclaimed sets at the Reepham Festival, The Hanwell Hootie and The Swanage Blues Festival.


Come along Smile, Relax, Tap those feet and Enjoy!

Rhythm Travellers currently are:

Julie Bones – Acoustic Guitar, Banjo and Vocals

Bob Bones – Acoustic Bass and Other things

Paul Borley – Drums, percussion and Other bits

Grahan Ball - Acoustic Guitar

But could Include:

Saran O'Neil - Fiddle and Backing Vocals

Robert Hokum - Guitar and Vocals

Andy Graham - Guitar

John William - Guitar and Vocals

Paul Gordon White - Percussion and kitchen appliances

Kevin - Violin

Myke Clifford - Sax, Clarinet and Flute

Sue Floozie - Additional Percussion