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Media Files/Songs/Copy of Master Set List 120517.pdf

Title MP3   Score DateUploaded
Angels Share Media Files/Songs/Angels Share.mp3   12 bar 20/10/2017
Gypsy Media Files/Songs/Gypsy demo.mp3   Media Files/Chords and Tabs/Fair Gypsy 12-10-17 Bass.pdf 20/10/2017
Gypsy Extra Media Files/Songs/Gypsy Extra Steve.mp3     20/10/2017
Ghost of Flower Power Media Files/Songs/Ghost of Flower Power.mp3   Media Files/Chords and Tabs/Ghost of Flower Power Bass.pdf 20/10/2017
Listen to Burns     Media Files/Chords and Tabs/Don't listen to Burns Bass.pdf 20/10/2017
I never will forget Media Files/Songs/Never will forget.mp3   Media Files/Chords and Tabs/I never will forget BASS.pdf 20/10/2017
Life is What you make it Media Files/Songs/Your life is what you make it.mp3   Media Files/Chords and Tabs/Life is what you make it BASS.pdf 20/10/2017
Take a Chance on Bob Media Files/Songs/Take a chance on Bob.mp3   Media Files/Chords and Tabs/Take a chance on Bob Bass.pdf 20/10/2017
Violet Sky Media Files/Songs/Violet Skies Oct18.mp3   Media Files/Chords and Tabs/Violet Sky Bass.pdf 20/10/2017
Waiting for the Devil Media Files/Songs/Devils hand.mp3   Media Files/Chords and Tabs/Waiting for the devil Bass.pdf 20/10/2017
All Along the Watchtower! Media Files/Songs/All Along the Watch Tower.mp3     20/10/2017
Muddley Media Files/Songs/112 Champagne, Old No7, Black Rat Finale 112.mp3      
Beyond here lies nothing Media Files/Songs/Demo Beyond here lies nothing...mp3 1 A D E  
Devil is an angel too Media Files/Songs/Devil is an Angel to with BArefootin.mp3 1 C Cm6  
Feathers not a bird Media Files/Songs/Feathers not a bird Two.mp3      
Jockey Media Files/Songs/Jockey.mp3 1    
Wild Women Media Files/Songs/Wild Women 1.mp3 1    
Somewhere Trouble Dont Go Media Files/Songs/Somewhere trouble dont know PhF2.mp3      
Secrets Media Files/Songs/Secrets.mp3 1 Media Files/Songs/SECRET.pdf
Crazy Dance Media Files/Songs/Crazy Dance.mp3 1 Media Files/Songs/Crazy Dance.pdf  
If the Sea was whisky Media Files/Songs/If the sea was whisky_1.mp3 1 Media Files/Songs/IF THE SEA WAS WHISKEY Transposed.pdf  
High Shelf Booze Media Files/Songs/High Shelf Booze.mp3 1 Media Files/Songs/High Shelf Blues WITH THE C.docx  
Violet Skies Media Files/Violet Skies.mp3      
Its to Hot to sleep Media Files/Songs/Its to hot too sleep.mp3 1 Media Files/Songs/Too Hot To Sleep.docx  
Mercury Blues Mercury Blues - Brooks Williams 1 Media Files/Songs/Mercury.docx  
Aint Gonna Drown Aint Gonna drown  played slower than this! 1 Media Files/Songs/Aint gonna drown for others in Ab.docx  
Dance me to the End of Love Dance me to the end of  love Piano parts!! and guitar :-) 1 Media Files/Songs/Dance me to the end of love.docx  
Nothing in Rambling Media Files/Songs/Nothing in Rambling.mp3      
Where they never know your name Media Files/Songs/Where they never know your name.mp3      
Down in the hole Media Files/Songs/Down in the hole.mp3      
Cakewalk Media Files/Songs/Cakewalk.mp3      
Loving in my Babies eyes        
Everything is Broken Media Files/Songs/Every thing is broken.mp3      
Shout Babay Shout Media Files/Songs/Shout Baby Shout.mp3      
Ragged and Dirty        
Cant Hold on Media Files/Songs/Cant hold on.mp3      
Hey Sweet Man Media Files/Songs/Hey Sweet Man.mp3      
Alberta Media Files/Songs/Alberta.mp3      
Black Rat Media Files/Songs/Black Rat.mp3      
Black Crow Media Files/Songs/Black Crow over done.mp3      
CAnt be Satisfied Media Files/Songs/Cant be satisfied swanage March.mp3      
Do Right Media Files/Songs/Do Right.mp3
Mellow Down Easy Media Files/Mellow down easy 3hs.mp3      
Alberta Alberts Media Files/Alberta Alberta 3Hsh.mp3      
Festival Steve Media Files/Festival Steve.mp3      
Take a Chance on Bob Media Files/Take a chance on.......mp3      
Death of Flower Power Media Files/Death of Flower Power small chorus.mp3
Until the end of time Media Files/Until the end of time Steve 2nd take no capo.mp3      
Waiting for the devil to take my soul away Media Files/Waiting fo rthe devil to take my soul away.mp3      
Anto Seen it All Bass Only Media Files/seenitall bass 4th9.wav      
Anto Seen it All Media Files/seenitall 4th9 with bass.mp3      
Nicky with MM & RM 1 Media Files/Video/Nicky 3-1.m4v